Wind In Motion's core exchange program allows customers to send us failed parts and we ship repaired parts the same day. With years of experience, our team possesses a comprehensive understanding of part functionality and reliability.  In addition, final testing is completed in a turbine-like environment.

Bachmann PLC Repair

Turbine Simulation Testing

PC Repair

Turbine, SCADA, Plant PC, and Re-imaging 

Turbine Simulation Testing

Pitch System Repair

Thyristor (DC Spd Controller), Pitch Controllers

Turbine Simulation Testing

Convertec Battery Charger Repair, SSB Battery Charger, BATT174, WIBA Charger,

Battery Charger Repair

GE, Convertec L1027, BATT 174, WIBA

Turbine Simulation Testing

GE Converter Board Repair


Turbine Simulation Testing

UPS Repair


Turbine Simulation Testing 

Uni-Op and E-Palm Repair

Repaired and Programming

Turbine Simulation Testing

FAA Obstruction Light Repair

Honeywell and Flash Technologies

Beacon, GPS Sync, and Controller